Creativity In Action will attend the Utah Dance Festival on April 29, 2017.

As in past years, most of our company will be staying in Bountiful over night.

The total cost for these two days is still being figured out (should be between $90-$110) – for now – we need to have each family participating pay $50 towards the total cost.  This will allow the studio to send in our registration fees and secure our spots for the festival.

Please remember that the studio is covering $45 of the $65 registration fee.  We only ask that each family pay $20 towards the costs of the actual festival.  The rest of the fees are for staying overnight and meals during the evening/day.

Those families not staying over night will only need to pay the $20 registration fee and any extra costs associated with lunch/dinner they get the day of the festival.

Our registration is due March 31, 2017.  I need each dance to have the following forms filled out:

UDF 2017 Student Registration Form: Student-Registration-UDF-2017

Please remember – on this document Mr. Nick will fill out the level for the classes! Please leave these boxes blank!

UDF 2017 Release/Photo Waiver: UDF-Parent-Waiver-2017

These forms need to be printed off at home and turned in next week: March 30, 2017!  Please visit your online family account to pay the $50 if you dancer is staying over night.

As always, please contact the studio with questions or issues.