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About Our Studio

South Valley Creative Dance was started in 2004 by Tami Knubel and, since 2012, continues under the ownership and direction of Nicholas Cendese.  Our studio carries on the dance traditions of Miss Virginia Tanner and Miss Pearl Wagstaff Garff.  We strive to nurture the child as an artist using creative movement and modern dance based training to encourage each student to relate, reflect, and respond to the world around them.

Please use the tabs below to learn more about our process and philosophy.  You will find photos of our studio below.  If you would like to sign up for a FREE trial class – please visit the classes page.

Using natural movements such as skipping, twirling, leaping, running, etc. we explore a variety of concepts that educate the dancer, not only about their body and how it moves, but what is around them.  We explore language arts, science, math, rhythm, and coordination through movements of all kinds.  Our classes incorporate fun, playful music, colorful props, and stories to create a classroom setting that encourages exploration.

When students reach an older age, emphasis is shifted from natural movements to more concrete modern dance training.  Working with clarity of line, body articulation, position, fluidity and continuity of motion, students begin to explore and train in a more rigorous fashion.  We incorporate ballet training, stretching, and strengthening exercises to ensure that each student is able to move with power, grace, and awareness.  While the emphasis shifts away from natural movements to more concrete choreography and complex steps, we continue to develop each student as a creative thinker and artist as well as a performer.

Older dances 6th Grade and up are welcome to join Creativity in Action – a performing group that meets during it’s own class period on Thursday nights. Dancers in Company have the opportunity to work with guest choreographers, develop their own choreographic ideas, and work to build a show that is performed several times throughout the year. In addtion, Company puts on it’s own end of year production that showcases the creative work done over the past year.

Our goal as a studio is to help every student understand the unique and wonderful ways dance, movement, and art can be a part of their daily life.  We are not a competition studio and do not stress or teach routines/steps or encourage cookie-cutter performances from our students.  We value each child’s unique individuality and encourage its development. We allow each child to explore and make choices in the moment and encourage creative problem solving over ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers.  We strive to give each student unique tools, ideas, and lessons that they can apply throughout their life and encourage them to always look at the world as artists, art lovers, and creative thinkers.

These are videos of two of our young classes during our Christmas time Friends & Family week.  Rather than do a winter/holiday performance, we invite family members to come watch a class and dance with us, followed by a holiday party for everyone.  It’s a wonderful time to see and experience everything you child has been learning and to witness, first hand, the joy they experience while dancing.

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