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Company 1

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Company 1

Creativity In Action is the performing group associated with South Valley Creative Dance.  Under the direction of Julie Johnston and Nicholas Cendese, C.I.A. performs 3-5 times per year and is made up of two companies.  Company 1 is usually for dancers in 6th-9th grade; Company 2 is usually for dancers in 10th-12th grade.  Placement in either Company 1 or 2 will be suggested by the directors prior to the start of the year.  Participation in both groups is optional; however company 1 and 2 dancers are required to take a regular technique class during the week.  Participation in Company 2 is by invitation only.

Company 1 – is for any dancers in 6th Grade and up who want to dance an extra night at the studio.  This class is an artistic process class focusing on developing skills for choreography, improv, and some technical skills.  If you have never taken a company class, this is the class you should enroll in.  Be aware, added fees for costumes, fundraising, and performances are required.  A parent meeting will be held at the start of the year OR sooner to get all the information to you.  This class is optional; however, all students enrolled in this class MUST also enroll in a movement class during the week to help build skills and ability.

Tuition $85 charged monthly

In addition to monthly tuition and the studio-wide performance fee, there are Company fees. Contact us for more information.

  • Dancers in Company 1 and 2 work with some of Utah’s best dance artists and choreographers.  In the past we have worked with Nathan Shaw, Natosha Washington, Sarah Donohue, Amy Markgraff, Marilyn Berrett, Pat Debenham.
  • Both performing groups will work with one guest choreographer.
  • All dancers have the option of auditioning to be in a second guest choreographer’s work.
  • The skills developed in class serve as a college-level course in choreography and dance creation.  As such, all students in Company 1 and 2 are encouraged to choreograph.  Our year-end show is usually 75% student crafted work with the rest being created by Company directors and guest choreographers.
  • Company 1 & 2 regularly attend professional dance concerts to experience, first-hand, the power of dance as an art form.
  • An over-night experience is usually planned as a team-building experience.
  • Company 1 & 2 regularly attend the Utah Dance Festival and always showcase student works for adjudication.
  • Company 1 & 2 are collaborative efforts with students taking as much of a production role as possible.
  • While directed by Mr. Nick & Ms. Julie, students are involved in every stage of planning and implementation of performances and showcases so that they can develop skills necessary to produce their own work.
  • Year-end performances take place at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in downtown Salt Lake City, UT.

How do I register?

Use the table below to access the online registration form.  Once you fill the form out, select your classes, and input your information the enrollment will be sent to the studio. If you have issues or questions regarding this process, please get a hold of the studio.

Can we try a class first?

Absolutely!  We’d love to offer you a FREE trial class to come and experience, first hand, the magic of what we do at South Valley Creative Dance Studio.

Please use the table below and select “TRIAL” enrollment on the form.  This will let the studio know that you are interested in learning more but not enrolling for the full semester/year just yet.  If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the studio.

What fees do you charge?

Monthly tuition rates are found in the class table below. In addition to tuition, we ask all families to pay a one-time $60 costume and production fee per student in the spring. This covers the cost of costuming ($30) and producing ($30) our show. Using the costume fee, the studio will purchase a leotard that your dancer will wear for the performance AND that you can keep afterwards.  Using the production fee, the studio will pay for a videographer to shoot and record the show and will provide a digital download to you.

Do I need to enroll for the whole year?

We highly suggest that you enroll for the entire year. Our Fall semester is spent in the studio dancing and building skills, while our Spring semester is used to choreograph and prep for an end-of-year recital. We don’t want anyone to miss out on enjoying and being a part of our amazing production.

If you can only enroll for part of the year, we recommend dropping from classes at the Winter/Holiday break.  Please see below for more information about our withdrawal policy.

What if we change our minds?

Every effort is made to make sure you love your dance class and want to keep coming – not only all year but for years to come!  If you have issues with the studio or teacher, please feel free to bring them to the attention of the studio owner – we will make every effort to make a place for you at this studio.

If, however, you must leave classes we require a 30-day written (email is fine) notice of your withdrawal, after which time no more tuition will be due.  This policy is strictly followed and will be enforced – it’s also a part of the legalese when you register – so you’ll see it again as a reminder!

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