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November 2017

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I think the power of creative movement comes in giving children and teenagers the power to try something new.  As a creative movement and choreography teacher, I try to encourage dancers to think outside the box and not worry a bout what is “right” and what is “wrong.”  While that might be a liberating thought, it is a hard one to internalize. I encountered this very issue in a class last week at the 6th National daCi conference at the University of Utah.  A wonderful student from North Carolina was in class,

Talking about dance eloquently is almost important as dancing eloquently.  Dancers often have issues talking about their own work - but it is a skill you can take to the bank.  LITERALLY!!!  Talking, writing, and reviewing dance works is the bases for grant writing and scholarship essays.  Learning how to do it is vital to your success as a dancer, artist, and studio.  But how do you write about dance?  The document that you will find below would be a great place to start. It may not cover every single